Who We Are?

What do we offer you?

Vwam’s mission is to democratize publication, and to help you make your voice heard on the web (hence its name “Vwa m”), share your ideas and your passions in life.

Vwam is the first Haitian platform for creating websites / blogs. It is almost completely free. And always will be. If you like you can help us by making a donation. Our tool is a hosted version of the free WordPress software used in over 33% of the web. It allows you to create a blog or website in seconds, even if you have no technical knowledge. We guarantee that your sites / blogs are free by offering extensions for functions such as custom design and custom domains.

Vwam is developed and managed by TechMaster Systems.

TechMaster Systems is a startup specialized in designing and building digital solutions (products or services). At TechMaster Systems we want to support local business as they grow and increase their revenue on the open web. That’s why we use latest technologies and tools to bring the best solutions that meet their needs, in order to help them (entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses) benefit from innovative technologies to make their brand pop, grow their business and achieve more success on the web.

Since 2011, TechMaster Systems has been able to create impact and easy-to-use digital solutions.

Our company philosophy is to create the kind of services, products and solutions that most businesses want or need to grow their business.
Our mission is to allow your business finding the solutions they need and leverage profit using the latest technology and social marketing.
Our Products
  • Vwam, a WordPress based website builder
  • LekolPress, a WordPress based Web App
  • Karizone, a marketplace like Amazon, eBay, AlliExpress and Etsy
  • KiskeyaJob, an online free job posting website
  • Urlist, a free listing website
  • Novasyon, educational and entertaintment tools
  • Modest101, online fashion store
  • SEO2k,
Our Services
  • Web Design,
  • Web Development,
  • PHP Developement,
  • WordPress Development,
  • Ecommerce Development,
  • Woocommerce Development,
  • Shopify Development,
  • Prestashop Development,
  • Web & Mobile App development,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • earch Engine Marketing (SEM),
  • Social Media Optimization (SOM),
  • Social Media Management (SMM),
  • Digital Skills Training.
Are you a developer? Do you work with WordPress? Join our team.
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